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The Royal Spa Bath Treatment consists of using:

Dead Sea Bath Salts - Natural bath salts deliver the calming powers of Dead Sea minerals. Relax and soak away stress in a natural Dead Sea Salt beauty solution for soothing a tired mind and body.

Conditioning Body Wash Lily Rose - Our lightly-scented, refreshing Lily Rose Conditioning Body Wash gently transforms into delicately fragranced foam, enveloping wet skin and leaving your body feeling cleansed, soft and silky smooth.

Salt & Oil Scrub - Indulge your skin in this luscious scrub for an exfoliating treatment that leaves skin feeling unbelievably silky smooth.

Body Butter -Spread this rich, quickly absorbed butter over your skin for smooth feeling soothing hydration.

Royal Spa Bath Treatment

  • Step 1: Clients will cleanse thier body(from neck to toes) with the Conditioning Body Wahs Lily Rose

    Step 2: Clients will exfoliate (removes dry & dead skin) their body(from neck to toes) with the Salt & Oil Scrub

    Step 3: Clients will moisturize their body(from neck to toes) with the Body Butter