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The Royal Foot Treatment consists of using:

Mudsoap - Made with mineral-rich Dead Sea mud, Seacret Mud Soap gently cleanses your skin and gives it a healthy glow.

Salt Scrub - Use this powerful combination of Dead Sea salt, minerals, and oils as a scrub, or turn your tub into a spa by using it as a rejuvenating soak to give your skin the attention it craves & indulge your skin in this luscious scrub for an exfoliating treatment that leaves skin feeling unbelievably silky smooth.

Mud Therapy Foot Cream -Made just for your feet and packed with vitamins, nutrients, and Dead Sea mud, this cream will leave your feet feeling softer than ever.



Royal Foot Treatment

  • Step 1: Clients will have their feet cleansed with the Mud Soap

    Step 2: Clients will soak their feet, in salt scrub dissolved warm water, for 10 minutes to prep for next step

    Step 3: Clients will have their feet exfoliated (removes dry & dead skin) with the Salt Scrub

    Step 4: Clients will have their feet moisturized with the Mud Therapy Foot Cream

    Step 5: Clients will have their feet "Cocooned" for 20 minutes, wrapped in plastic wrap & warm towel to trap heat and increase the rate of skin absorption of the active ingredients