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You can choose up to 30 mini charms/pearls/rhinestones.


Please take screen shots of the mini(M) charms that you would like for your creation and send the screenshots to


Be sure to choose what color glitter you would like to be used on your creation below. If you don't see a color you want, add the color you would like to the email with the screenshots.



Up to 30 Mini's

  • Shipping will take about 1 and 1/2 to 3 weeks due to order demand and drying time.
    (Exceptions: Orders that included pre-ordered items may take longer depending on the item we are waiting on. Will be in constant communication with the Customer.) 

    Mainland US only: Free Standard shipping on all K&K's Design Purchases. 

    Mainland US only: (All Custom Purchases) $12.99 shipping on purchases of $149(before taxes) and less. Free shipping on purchases of $150+(before taxes). 

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